WTB 1 pilot

Looking to fill up one more slot. Looking for a throwaway jumbled sp pilot.

Cyber skills beneficial

5m sp ones don’t give that great of a return for the farming slot I’m trying to fill, you can get a better offer then what I’m willing to give :smiley:

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Heleneti - level 5 faction puller as well has cybernetic 5

Up we go for today, still looking to buy 1 pilot, will consider < 20m sp

Up we go, still looking


Moin moin

Daily bump. Still looking for a new pilot. Considering anything around 35m sp

Does a 17.5m SP exploration toon interest you?

sure thing, can you get a board on https://eveskillboard.com


that says 18.7m sp, you said 17.5?

sorry. that’s the one.

can you chat in game?

yes. let me get on now.

still interrested, we can just follow through now

Sending isk and account now

Isk/acc sent

acknowledged. writing ticket.