WTS 5mil sp Amarr starter toon

(Deadeye Darksider) #1

Great starter toon!

  • Destroyer 5
  • Frig 3 / Tact Destroyer 3
  • T2 armor
  • T2 small guns
  • T2 nav/afterburner
  • Good cap skills


  • Has some minor standings & loyalty points with Amarr Navy from running level 1 missions.
  • Comes with a fitted/rigged Coercer

Positive wallet & security status
All rules apply
I receive the isk, I pay the transfer


WTB 1 pilot
(Misaka Rin Peter) #2

isk and in-game mail sent, pls confirm.

(Deadeye Darksider) #3

Im not home at the moment and wont be until very late tonight (US eastern time zone) but I will confirm here on this post & transfer this toon to your account as soon as I get home!

(Misaka Rin Peter) #4

No worries, take ur time bro

(Deadeye Darksider) #5

I confirm 4b isk received and this character will now be transferred to the account name you provided.

(system) #6

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