WTS 4.5milsp Amarrian starter toon with good name

(Kingpin Cain) #1

looking to sell off a toon thats just sitting around

No Killrights
Positive Sec Status
2 bonus remaps
npc corp
Wallet is positive

i pay transfer fee

4bil b/o

(Risien Drogonne) #2

I’ll bid 3.5b

(Kingpin Cain) #3

to da top

(Kingpin Cain) #4

up please

(Kingpin Cain) #5

i’ll give it 1 more day at that point highest bidder will win.
so far 3.5 from Risien Drogonne

(Savoc Minithor) #6

i give 3.7

(Kingpin Cain) #7

send the isk and a mail to this toon and i will start transfer asap,
Thank you

(Savoc Minithor) #8

it is done

(Kingpin Cain) #9

my part is done, enjoy and thank you

(Savoc Minithor) #10

received the character, but he is missing the spaceship command skills.
will contact support about this

(Savoc Minithor) #11

ALL good, can be closed

(system) #12

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