[SOLD] 5Mil Starting Character

(Gunvor Vagabond) #1

Great Starting character.


4.8M SP
250,000 unallocated SP
2 bonus remaps available.
+3 Intelligence / +3 Memory Implants
Clean history.

Jita 4-4 // Positive Wallet
No Killrights // No Jumpclones
All CCP Rules apply

Starting bid is 3.2b and BO is 4 bill

(Gunvor Vagabond) #2

Updated starting bid and B/O

(Gunvor Vagabond) #3


(Gunvor Vagabond) #4


(Kentaro Tsukaya) #5

Potentially interested, but char is not in NPC corp.

(Gunvor Vagabond) #6

Done! Ready for you to BUY ME! now.

(Sonoros Rahl) #7

out of interest - can you link a guide on how to sell characters, i have a couple of alpha ones i want to sell


(Gunvor Vagabond) #8

I’m sure you can find it yourself.

(Skylero Sun) #10

B/o 4 bill

(Gunvor Vagabond) #11

Send ISK and details please, Skylero Sun :slight_smile:

(Skylero Sun) #12

isk and info send :airplane:

(Gunvor Vagabond) #13

SOLD! Currently in transfer. Thank you very much 0/

(Skylero Sun) #14

Thank you too :slight_smile:

(system) #15

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