[SOLD] 5Mil Starting Character

(Signe Komah) #1

Excellent starting character.


4.9 million sp
250,000 additional unallocated sp

Jita 4-4 // Positive wallet.
Clean history // 2 remaps available.
+3 Implants to Intelligence and Memory.

Starting bid: 3b
B/o: 4b

(Signe Komah) #2

Updated starting bid

(Signe Komah) #3

BUMP! Updated starting bid and B/o

(Hibiki Aurobindo) #4

Bid 3 bil

(Signe Komah) #5

Thank you for starting it up! Lets get this character people!!!

(Signe Komah) #6

BUMP! …Get me!

(Signe Komah) #7

Trying to get a little more!

(Daniel Hastari) #8

Bid 3.2b

(Signe Komah) #9

Sounding good. Lets give it 2 more hours please. If nothing else…its yours

(Rick Brandana) #10

Bid 3.3

(Signe Komah) #11

Someone give me B/o!!!

(Signe Komah) #12

I’m paying the transfer fees

(Daniel Hastari) #13

Bid 3.4 bil

(Signe Komah) #14

First one to post 3.5 gets to take me home

(Daniel Hastari) #15

Screw it 3.5bil

(Daniel Hastari) #16

Long as you give me an hour or two to pull the isk together

(Signe Komah) #17

SOLD to you… send ISK and details when ready.

(Daniel Hastari) #18

Not entirely sure what to do… Who do I send the ISK too and by details do you mean the account name that I wish the char to be on?

(Signe Komah) #19

You send me the 3.5b and the account name of the account you want me to transfer the character too.

(Daniel Hastari) #20

ISK sent, please sent character to JeffHastari