[SOLD] 5Mil Starting Character

Excellent starting character.


4.9 million sp
250,000 additional unallocated sp

Jita 4-4 // Positive wallet.
Clean history // 2 remaps available.
+3 Implants to Intelligence and Memory.

Starting bid: 3b
B/o: 4b

Updated starting bid

BUMP! Updated starting bid and B/o

Bid 3 bil

Thank you for starting it up! Lets get this character people!!!

BUMP! …Get me!

Trying to get a little more!

Bid 3.2b

Sounding good. Lets give it 2 more hours please. If nothing else…its yours

Bid 3.3

Someone give me B/o!!!

I’m paying the transfer fees

Bid 3.4 bil

First one to post 3.5 gets to take me home

Screw it 3.5bil

Long as you give me an hour or two to pull the isk together

SOLD to you… send ISK and details when ready.

Not entirely sure what to do… Who do I send the ISK too and by details do you mean the account name that I wish the char to be on?

You send me the 3.5b and the account name of the account you want me to transfer the character too.

ISK sent, please sent character to JeffHastari