WTS Starter Character 5.2M SP


Wallet is Green
No kill rights
Clean Killboard History
NPC Corp
Can use jump clone
+2 Remap Available
Positive Sec Status
Jita 4-4

Has 5 implants +3

Decent drone skills and shield
CPU and PowerGrid Management IV
Cybernetics III
with 249,077 unallocated SP

Can be used as a cyno alt just inject skillbook and use the unallocated SP

B/O: 4.5Bill

4 bil

4,1 b


Guys starting bid is 4.5b

4.5 b for it

Ill be closing bid in 12hrs if there are no further bids

retracting my bid.

ill be taking on your bid. please send the isk and account info

Im still selling this toon. I think the previous bids werent reachable.

Bump Bid is still open guys

Are you still taking this toon ?

B/0 Reduced to 4.5 Bil

Is your bid still active ?

Character is still for sale. Please take it away from me

I can do a 4 B b/o if interested.

Okay please send isk and account info

Working on it now, give me a few minutes and I will transfer isk and send email with account info.

Okay mate

isk and info sent via eve mail.

Confirmed. Already sent a ticket to support for character transfer

Did you get an email for the transaction? Normally the buyer gets one after the transaction starts, which I have not received.