WTS 5M sp Starter or SPfarm ๐ŸŒŸ


I am for sale: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/6_Dolla_Only

  • 5,126,326 SP
  • 100,000 Unallocated SP
  • Price is set at 4.3 Bil
  • Cybernetics 5
  • +4 Implants Set (Perception, Memory, Willpower, Intelligence)

-Parked in Jita
-In NPC corp
-Positive Wallet
-Sec Status -0.1
-No Corp history
-1 Yearly Remap available
-2 Bonus Remaps available
-Currently Mapped to Intelligence > Memory

Thanks! :hugs:

4.3B o/

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Thank you Nivek - this is accepted and I can start the transfer as soon as you send ISK and account.

Bid retracted. Purchased a different toon.

4.3bn here then! B/O

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Hi Jessica.
Bid accepted and ready to move as soon as you are :slight_smile:

sending now

and done

hello? I donโ€™t think the transfer has begun?

Hi. Everythingโ€™s received and starting the transfer.

All received, thanks!

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