WTS 5mil SP cybernetic 5 ideal sp farm

selling this character.

meets all requirement.

all remaps avail.


3b offered

4B B/O If appropriate, please sell me


ill do 5 for the next few hours while im on

i’ll give you 5b if necocat is no longer available & you accept

I can pay 5bil. right now as we agreed. ty

I can pay 5.5B

Just saw your post. @HeyYouNotYouYou, will honor. Please send ISK and details and i will transfer tonight.

any movement on this? i’ll be home in a couple of hours to start the transfer.


I can offer 5.75b online right now to send isk.

I’ll give it 2 hours then i will be online. If i’ve not heard anything I can do a deal.


send ISK and details ill start transfer @office Depot

@Ryaanj_RC2 ISK and Account info sent.

great will sort it out shorly matey.

@Office_Depot done via cash transfer, should be with you shortly.


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