WTS 5.3M SP char

Location HS, Simela, can move.
NPC corp
Date of Birth 2019-11-07
Skill Points 5,323,441
Unallocated SP 48,681
Yearly Remap 1
Bonus Remaps 2
Security Status 0.45

2.5b :slight_smile:

Thank you mate, I will wait for a bit of a better offer :slight_smile:

Perhaps you could let me know what you’re looking for? I’ll see if i can match

I was hoping to get at least 4Bil. I’ve spent a few months training this one. Also the transfer fee is a strong reason for me to get to that price. Thank you for your understanding.

To be honest with you the only thing putting me off is your Cybernetics skill. I’ll offer 3.3b and that’s the max i could.

Thank you very much for your offer. I understand and respect your limit. I’ll keep the toon for now.

3.75 Bil

Well… Let’s see which one will get it, then.

ok screw it 3.8b XD

Ok, send me the money and the details and I’ll sell it to you, Withouttower_Squirrel didn’t reply yet.

ISK sent. Account details sent. Please only initiate the transfer 10 hours later thank you! I’m in the midst of biomassing a toon

Received the ISK and the details. Will initiate transfer in 10 hrs.

I think those 10 hours passed, I’ll start the transfer.

Please do :slight_smile: just confirmed the biomass so you’re free to transfer it now.

And pleasure doing business :slight_smile:

Transfer initiated / Transfer completed, thank you.

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