WTS - 5.5m SP FW Daredevil Toon

SP - 5,489,940
Unallocated SP - 60,000
Location: Jita (Can move to HS or LS)
Current clone empty
2 Jump Clones: One HS & One LS (Minor implants)
No Kill Rights
Zero ISK Balance
Security Stataus: -1.2
Neural Remap Available: Now
Skins: 2 (Daredevil Glacial & Serpentis)
In NPC corp ready

3b :slightly_smiling_face:

Will take 4b, proceeds used to pew, ready to go now

EDIT Moving some stuff around and podded myself, no standard implant included anymore as cant reinstall them on alpha.

Do u Accept 3.8 ? i have in hand.

Deal… out on piss till 02:00 BST, send ISK and will transfer toon on my return o7

OK, i go to send you the isk in ten minutes aprox. I update here when i sent

Isk and account name sent. Please update the thread when you transfer.

:heart: will initiate transfer when home :beer:

Done o7

Many Thanks

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