5M sp toon for sale

5+M SP
+4 implants.
Postive wallet
NPC corp
Located in Jita.
I pay transfer.

Has four Hulk Skins:
Sansha Industrial
Nocx Rush
Caldari Industrial
Amarr Industrial

Please post your offers.


4 bil

4.1 Bil

4,15 b

Having to pay for transfer I will not accept anything under 5.25.
Otherwise I might just keep siphoning it.

Ill do 5 flat mate.

5.1b today

@Fatal_Huren I can got 5.175b. Middle ground.
Ready to transfer as soon as ISK and acc info is received.

5.25bil b/o

@XeroHedge Accepted.
Waiting for ISK and ACC info

isk and account info sent

ISK And acc info received.
Starting transfer in a few

Transfer started.

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