WTS 5M SP hulk pilot

Z1oy Kro1ik Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

NPC corp
positive ISK balance
no Kill rights
Located in high sec

all ccp rules apply

bought books of electronics, shield, and armor was a shovel of bistot, arconor, mirkacite.

i will start the bidding at 4 bil.

let’s give both for 10b

i will do 5 for this one since it isnt a mar skilled one

send isk and data

I will accept other offers

i can do 5b for this 1

All right, send it isk and data

Alright, sending isk to character

still waiting on response of isk/account info received and transfer started

I returned it to you isk steam payment does not work

5.5b offer

The only way to transfer a character is paying $20 on secure.eveonline.com

I know, but in RUSSIA it is possible only through steam

all problems are solved
I want to sell quickly

I would like to purchase how do you need isk and details sent?

how much do you want to buy?
send it to this account

looking for a buyer

3b offer

5b and he’s yours