WTS Hulk Alt - Exhumer V just over 5m sp


full set basic, 3% mining yield implant
Character located in Jita 4-4
positive balance
no kill rights
This character will receive the ISK
I will pay the xfer fee.
All other CCP rules apply.

make a decent offer

bump taking offers

bumpy bump

2 billion for the transfer fee (you should have left part of the reprocessing skills in )

no thanks. I can re inject most the skills. I would biomass for 2b

online for the next 45 mins if anyone is interested in making a deal

3 bil.?

if u come to 4b ill xfer him. that’s the lowest I would go really. let me know

send me a mail ingame if interested

3,5 bil.?

go higher and id consider it. if he sells he sells if not ill just continue to use him as my skill farm as I have since I purchased him


offer retracted

up we go

2.5 Bil?

Still For sale ?

3.75 b

sorry guys. yes still up for sale. haven’t checked the forums in a while

I offer 5b for the next 72h

5.5b, only active for today.

offering 5b for this toon