WTS 5.1M SP farm character


Location - Jita
No Kill Rights
No Jump Clones
Positive Wallet
2 Bonus Remaps Availble (Neural @25/01/2021)
3.2 Sec Status
(Born 10.09.2010)

Cybernetics V


3b offer

Still waiting for some bigger offers.

I’ll give you 3.1b?

3.5b offer

I could settle for 4B.

sorry 3.5b is the highest im willing to go



3.6b :slight_smile:

I’ll take him for 4b.

Please send me the isk and account information required for transfer.

ISK and Account name sent in-game.

Character transfer initiated.

Thank you Sir! @Arien_Moyna

do u have more for sell ?

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