WTS 5m SP farm character

(Lady Death Bringer) #1

Selling myself

5m SP, ideal for SP farm

2 bonus remaps available

Positive wallet

in Jita

EveSkillboard link: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Lady_Death_Bringer

Price: 5b

(TayIor Swiift) #2

4bn .

(Lady Death Bringer) #3

if no other bids in 24h Ill accept :slight_smile:


(necocat Meow) #4

4.5bill bid

(XShadow4X Coors) #5

5Bill Buyout online now

(XShadow4X Coors) #6

Ill be back online in a few hours to check on your response

(Lady Death Bringer) #7

Happily accepting 5b offer
(sorry for the late response, let me know if no longer interested)

(Lady Death Bringer) #8

Assuming buyer is no longer interested.
Character is back up for sale, fixed price 5b

(Cor'El Dahken) #9

3b offer if you change your mind

(necocat Meow) #10

Ill do 5 bill. Ready whenever you are

(Skyeruo Adnihilo) #11

ideal for sp farm and neither have cibernetics at 4

(Xan Viona) #12

Still for sale?

(Lady Death Bringer) #13

bump, still for sale

Sorry I didn’t reply to earlier offers/BOs. Happy to accept 5b still.

Anyone wants it let me know

(Lady Death Bringer) #14

daily bump, still for sale

(TheDancer Girl) #15

3,5 bil

(Lady Death Bringer) #16

price is fixed at 5b

(Lady Death Bringer) #17

bump! Still for sale, 5b

(Misaka Rin Peter) #18

4bil :sunglasses:

(Lady Death Bringer) #19

daily bump

(Martini Bloody) #20

no implants no cybernetics 5 ill offer 4.5b top