WTS SP Farm Cyber5

WTS me
5.28m sp
Have cyber lvl 5 and implants
Ready to farm.
In NPC corp
Located in Jita
I will transfer via plex
All CCP rules applay

4.5b offered. isk ready

Looking for a bit more.

Not going to overbid. Good luck

BUMP :smiley:

4bil offered.

B/O set to 6b

nvm, didn’t see the 4.5bil bid. My bid is retracted. good luck.

4.5b offer stands … for another 24 hours – WITHDRAWN


This toon have cyber lvl5 and implants in pod. So he is ready to sp farming.

I’ll give you 5Bil

6b and he is yours


I will w8 u to get 6b…

lol when SP farms are at -145 Mil a month profit then good luck my offer stands.

I hope you find a buyer if not give me a shout

Bump :smiley:

still offer 5.5 bil until I find another char

Also have implants +5