WTS 5Mil SP Farm Lots of Skillbooks Injected

WTS 5Mil SP farm got Cybernetics at lvl 5

Eve Skillboard Link is here: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/so0kie

1 Remab and 1 bonus Remap avaible

Positive Wallet and sec status

will be in NPC Corp if i found a buyer.

Starting Offer is 3Bil isk

Confirm im for sale

Still to Sale good Skillpoint farm

still for sale?

if not, I’ll offer 3b

it is still for sale, noticed your offer lets see what we can reach until DT tomorrow.

3.2 bil

still for sell 3.5b isk cash in hand

3,7 bil :slight_smile:

ill do 4b right now

4.2 bid

Offer Accepted. im at Work right now will back at Home in about 6 hours. then we can make the deal. or you send Isk and Account Info and i start Transfer asap when im back at home (using money so no delay for you to recive the charakter)

info and isk sent

Transfer started right know

All done. Thank you :kissing_heart:

thank you for fast and easy buisness. enjoy the toon

0/ fly safe

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