[SOLD] 5m SP farm character

(Lady Death Bringer) #1


Selling myself

5m SP, ideal for SP farm

2 bonus remaps available

Positive wallet

in Jita

EveSkillboard link: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Lady_Death_Bringer 107

Price: 5b

(Harold Crane) #2

4b b/o

(Lady Death Bringer) #3

Sorry, looking for 5b

May take 4.5b if done in next 24h


(necocat Meow) #4

4.6. Cant offer more due to cybernetics skill:(

(Lady Death Bringer) #5

Ill accept 4.6b

Send isk and acc info to this char.


(necocat Meow) #6


(Lady Death Bringer) #7

Isk recieved

Submitted a support ticket asking to transfer the character to you for 1000 PLEX. Should be with you soon! Enjoy!

(system) #8

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