[WTS] 5.4M SP Farm - 5B

(Thooosa) #1


Min Cruiser V
Shield Man, Op and Upg V
Good Fitting Skills
Wallet is Green
No Kill Rights
Sitting in +3’s
Is currently in Jita

5B B/O

(Thooosa) #2

5.5B Online Now.

(Tharkian) #3

I’ll throw out 3.0 just to stir the pot if things don’t move at your initially stated price.

(Thooosa) #4

5B for today fam.
To the top.

(Ella Goose) #5

What are the attributes set at? Perc/Will?

(Cor'El Dahken) #6

You can see the exact attribute map on the Skillboard page

(Ella Goose) #7


(Thooosa) #8

Shes Black, Sexy and has piercings.

Shes going to the top.

(Jessica Stoyadinovic) #9

5bn B/O

(Thooosa) #10

Agreed. Send isk and account name and i will submit the ticket! :slight_smile:

(Jessica Stoyadinovic) #11

Isk and account info sent. Thank you

(system) #12

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