[WTS] 5.4M SP Farm - 5B


Min Cruiser V
Shield Man, Op and Upg V
Good Fitting Skills
Wallet is Green
No Kill Rights
Sitting in +3’s
Is currently in Jita

5B B/O

5.5B Online Now.

I’ll throw out 3.0 just to stir the pot if things don’t move at your initially stated price.

5B for today fam.
To the top.

What are the attributes set at? Perc/Will?

You can see the exact attribute map on the Skillboard page


Shes Black, Sexy and has piercings.

Shes going to the top.

5bn B/O

Agreed. Send isk and account name and i will submit the ticket! :slight_smile:

Isk and account info sent. Thank you

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