[WTS] 5.427m SP

I’m for sale.
I will be transferred with PLEX. B/O is 4,75b
5,427,037 SP

Cybernetics V
Power Grid Management V
Capacitor Management V
Weapon Upgrades V
Cpu Management V
Infomorph Psychology V
Propulsion Jamming V
Rockets V
Gunnery V
Small Energy Turret V

eveboard? plz?

link is in the sale thread.

will do 4.5 bil, isk ready.

The B/O is 4,750,000,000.00

4.75 B/O. Isk ready.

Bid accepted. Transfer ISK when you are ready.

ISK transferred and in game mail sent with account name. Please transfer character now.

Thank you!

ISK received. Initiating transfer.

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