(SOLD) WTS 5.774m+ SP

4b b/o takes me.

Positive wallet. 2 remaps available.

I’m for sale, I’ve got cyber 5 and positive security status.

Has Capital Ships skill books, and a few Dreads/Carriers injected.


Got an EVESkillBoard? I’d take it if the skills are good enough

Let me help you https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kaos14

I’ll offer 3.75bn

Thanks; wouldn’t let me link that when I created the post. I appreciate it. @Vanessa_Guang 4b takes it, I think that’s well low enough.

Sorry, I’m out



How you will pay transfer - credit card or plex?

Credit card.

4 bil. isk?

Yes. I accept.

4 bil. isk was sent to Kaos14 and info about account too (in game).

Received. Transfer in progress.

Char was received, thank you!

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