[Sold] 5.3M SP Toon for Sale

5.3+ M SP
Set up for max training speed
Positive wallet
NPC corp
Neutral sec status / no kill rights
Located in Amarr
Remap available

First reasonable bid will be accepted.



4b offeered

4.5bill, lets make it happen.

4.6 bil

I’ll be online around 1800 UTC - if there’s no better offer by then, I will accept yours.

Please send ISK and account details.

Im on if this is available still. Will match 4.6

Ok - logged in if you want to complete

All sent

Thanks - the other toon I just transferred to you is on the same account, so we need to wait 10 hours until I can send this toon - is that OK ?

Yeah np

Just send at your leisure.

Transfer started. Thanks buddy o7

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Damn missed your message

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