25+ mill SP miner/industrial toon for sale

Hi, this ole gal is looking for a new caring home.

No kill rights
Pos wallet
Docked in Amarr, Domain region
0.0 Sec. status
25mill + SP

Edit: Character is in NPC corp, eveboard may be lagging a bit in updating status!


Starting her at 22b, b/o 28bill

22b offer

Mr. Nalemir, duly noted, thank you for the offer!

Hey I will offfer 27 for B/O Now

Offer accepted, I am online now :slight_smile:

Edit: Please forward ISK and account name, and I’ll effectuate transfer asap!

Okay will do :slight_smile:

Confirming sending the ISK and Account Data !

ISK And Account sended o7

ISK and account name recieved! Transferring character now, thank you! :slight_smile:

Confirming sale

Confirmed o7

This to confirm transfer has been done!
Please remember that Triana is very partial to a glass of wine or two after workday is over…she tends to get a bit naggy if she dont get it! :slight_smile:

Pleasure doing business with you, Sir!

(this is an alt of the sold character)

Moderators, I forgot to update post with Sold tag with the selling toon before performing the transfer.
Could I ask that you upate OP title, and close topic please?

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