WTS 25mil SP subcap toon SOLD

Im selling myself


Wallet balance: Positive
No kill rights
No jump clones
Character location: Jita

I have skills like
Advanced Weapon Upgrades V
Amarr Cruiser V
Minig barge V
Minmatar Cruiser V
Caldari Freighter IV
Minmatar Hauler V

Offer me isk please :slight_smile:

edit: the toon is in an npc corp, not sure if the skillboard has updated yet. Wallet also positive

13bil buy out. isk in hand

Im more looking for more than that, sorry.


Im looking for around 18b as a minimum, but looking for more in general


18 bil

I offer 18.5B, isk in hand, can be trade today anytime.



I sent you an mail

i replied ingame

sent an offer in game

BO 21 bil.

i agree to the 21b, im first able to transfer the character tomorrow if that’s fine with you. If you agree to that we have a deal :slight_smile:

I agree
the money and account name have been sent

sweet, i will let you know here when i initiate the transfer

Good morning, character transfer has been initiatiated, i think you will get a notification via mail, you should have it in around 10h.