Wts 72 mln sp subcap toon

(Rarti) #1

I am for sale
positive wallet
5 sec status
no killrights
char in jita, have 3 jump clones
3 remap avaible
256000 free sp
50b start bid
65B BO

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Wts 86mil sp toon
WTS 68.2 ml Sp pilot + 500 k free sp
(Anvar ARE) #2

ill start with 50b

(Asuran Aurora) #3

I give 65 b for the pilot and ready to send isk, pls confirm

(Rarti) #4

accept. waiting isk and data for transfer

(Asuran Aurora) #5

Alright, isk sent and data provided, waiting for the begining of the transfer

(Absolute Truth) #6

Hey, did you ever receive the transfer confirmation from this seller? I ask because the language in this post is nearly identical to a number of scam posts that have appeared in the last few weeks. Myself and others have been ripped off. See Wts 117 sp awesome subcap

(Zorin Firestone) #7

And this Wts 94 mln sp gunnery toon

(Brock Khans) #8


(Zorin Firestone) #9

Hey , Did you get the toon yet?

(Asuran Aurora) #10

No, I never get the toon, seller is not asnwering. I am going to send a ticket to support

(ISD Yumi) #11

@Rarti Please reply with a confirmation if you started the transfer as per the character bazaar rules.

(ISD Yumi) #12

Closing thread. Pending GM investigation.

(ISD Yumi) #13