Wts 86mil sp toon

Beautiful toon
1 kill right
With out any implants or jump clones
Character in high sec
Have positive wallet and sec status
70b start

Beware, this post is likely a scam. I was ripped off as were many others. We all paid isk and never received the characters.
See Wts 117 sp awesome subcap, Wts 94 mln sp gunnery toon, Wts 72 mln sp subcap toon. Same text in post, formatting, etc. @ISD_Yumi

Did they reply to your ticket yet?

no i m really selling this toon
devs will return isk if buyer not receiving toon

Nope, no response yet. You?

Nope .

Dude your game is up, seriously. Could you be any more obvious?

wonder how they dont ban their whole API and everything

I have no idea. This dude needs an IP ban for sure. He’s ripped off so many people in the last few days.

@IChooseYou @Brock_Khans

i know why u said this is a scam
i just copy one of the thread because i cant remember the selling rules like how many kill right/positive wallet etc

What are you even talking about ? You are a scammer and we caught you .

you’re just embarrassing yourself at this point

i just copy a random thread and u said i m a scammer
no cue

Same bad grammar , You are a scammer.

I have isk to spare and am willing to take the bait. 70b offer stands.

will u do 75b?

@IChooseYou did you purchase the toon yet?

Just had them in our recruitment channel - and my spider senses were tingling lol

No he didnt

Hey guys,

A GM has investigated this issue and at this time there is no reason to believe a scam is taking place.

If you have any concerns, please submit a support ticket.

Additionally, a reminder that there is a zero tolerance policy in regards to scamming on the character bazaar.