Wts 61 ml sp toon reduced b/o


Scanning and Drones V

I used it for scanning purposes mostly. As I am in no need of him anymore, I would like to turn the toon into isk.

All char bazaar rules applied
Wallet is positive, sec status 0, moved to high sec, no kill rights

Starting bid: 40 bil

40 bil

Thank you for opening the auction

Let me set b/o: 47 bil

Daily bump

I was expecting to recieve more offers

B/o reduced: 45 bil

Confirming 40b.

I ll wait till the end of the day. If no higher bids, I ll sell it to you for 40 bil

Maizie_Fields , We can make a deal. I accept your bid. Agreed price: 40 bil isk. I am waiting for iskies and transfer info then.

The ISK and account information has been sent. Thanks!

I cant make a transfer mate, they ban me for some reason. Dunno what happened.

Please return the ISK.

When you get that worked out with CCP, we can try again.

I will find out what happened and get back to you

Great, but I do need the ISK back now.

15:57 Edit: chat window to you open in game. Awaiting your reply and the return of the ISK.

16:19 Character scam attempt is suspected. Support ticket has been filed.

Still awaiting resolution of this matter.

18 days and still patiently waiting… the courtesy of a response to me from the GM team would be greatly appreciated.

This is a clear cut case of a scam. The “Last Activity” clock of the support ticket was updated 3 times within 24 hours of the ticket’s filing on November 21. None of those “looks” were a response to me. I suspect the process entailed an initial read, assignment to a scam specialist on the GM team, and immediate action against the perpetrator.

This begs the question: why would the Good Guy’s (me) ISK be held without a response for 18 days and counting? I’ve been active in the community since 2001 (yes, pre-beta), played strictly by the rules, clean as a whistle, fair and friendly in-game, and a consistent, positive supporter of the CCP team.

Is this fair treatment?

@Maizie_Fields no it is not, you an respected char trader and i am really sorry to see such things happen. I hope you get results from CCP anytime soon.

Good luck with this case!!

Day 21 - reimbursement received.