[SOLD] 4.8M Starting Character

Great Starting character.

4.8M SP
250,000 unallocated SP
2 bonus remaps available.
Clean history.

Character is located in Jita 4-4.
No Killrights // No Jumpclones
All CCP Rules apply

Starting bid is 3b and BO is 4.5 bill

3B to start off

Eveskill link?

updated, sorry guys been away for work.

I’ll bid 3.2b

I’m going to give it a couple of days Risien. But thank you for your offer and advise. I hope you stick around.

3.3 bil

Withdrawing bid, bought another char

Awesome! I should be home tomorrow from work.

I’d do 3.4b

Sounding good. B/o now 4b

You still good?

Ye I still got me ISK ready, aand I just noted that yes you can transfer to alphas

Ready. Send ISK and details please.

woah, caught me just as I was about to go offline. Will send details and ISK in a bit but would you be okay with sending the character in about 8 hours to the account I send? Biomassing a 1m sp character that’s just taking up space.

Umm… just send the stuff when you are ready

Ohhhh, in that case I’ll send it in 10 hours, but I’d have no qualms about sending the ISK now before someone else tries to steal.

I’m selling to you only now. I will be back on in 10 hours from now.

Gotcha, thanks man!

Account details and ISK PM’d