[SOLD] 4.8M Starting Character

(Signy Vagabond) #1

Great Starting character.

4.8M SP
250,000 unallocated SP
2 bonus remaps available.
Clean history.

Character is located in Jita 4-4.
No Killrights // No Jumpclones
All CCP Rules apply

Starting bid is 3b and BO is 4.5 bill

(Maddicus theGreat) #2

3B to start off

(Risien Drogonne) #3

Eveskill link?

(Signy Vagabond) #4

updated, sorry guys been away for work.

(Risien Drogonne) #5

I’ll bid 3.2b

(Signy Vagabond) #6

I’m going to give it a couple of days Risien. But thank you for your offer and advise. I hope you stick around.

(Stuu Reborn) #7

3.3 bil

(Risien Drogonne) #8

Withdrawing bid, bought another char

(Signy Vagabond) #9

Awesome! I should be home tomorrow from work.

(Isaac Galang) #10

I’d do 3.4b

(Signy Vagabond) #11

Sounding good. B/o now 4b

(Signy Vagabond) #12

You still good?

(Isaac Galang) #13

Ye I still got me ISK ready, aand I just noted that yes you can transfer to alphas

(Signy Vagabond) #14

Ready. Send ISK and details please.

(Isaac Galang) #15

woah, caught me just as I was about to go offline. Will send details and ISK in a bit but would you be okay with sending the character in about 8 hours to the account I send? Biomassing a 1m sp character that’s just taking up space.

(Signy Vagabond) #16

Umm… just send the stuff when you are ready

(Isaac Galang) #17

Ohhhh, in that case I’ll send it in 10 hours, but I’d have no qualms about sending the ISK now before someone else tries to steal.

(Signy Vagabond) #18

I’m selling to you only now. I will be back on in 10 hours from now.

(Isaac Galang) #19

Gotcha, thanks man!

(Isaac Galang) #20

Account details and ISK PM’d