[Sold] WTS 5.4M SP Amarr Pilot

(Fensel Xeith) #1

I’m selling myself! I have a positive wallet, no kill rights, and at Jita.


Take a look and give me and offer!

(Achuni) #2

1b offer

(Aaron Bellman) #3

4.5b ok?

(Fensel Xeith) #4

@Aaron_Bellman Does your offer still stand?

(Midget G3m) #5

ill do 4b now

(Fensel Xeith) #6

@Midget_G3m I am awaiting @Aaron_Bellman response. Unless a higher offer is made or no response within the hour from Aaron_Bellman.

(TayIor Swiift) #7

I’ll do 4.1 if he doesn’t reply

(Fensel Xeith) #8

I am now considering other offers, @TayIor_Swiift does your offer still stand?

(TayIor Swiift) #9

It does

(Fensel Xeith) #10

@TayIor_Swiift I accept your offer of 4.1 Billion isk, please send isk and account information and I shall initiate character transfer asap.

(Midget G3m) #11

4.2 isk rdy now

(Fensel Xeith) #12

@TayIor_Swiift I have not recieved isk nor account information. Character sale will resume.

(Fensel Xeith) #13

@Midget_G3m I will accept you offer of 4.2 Billion isk, please send isk and account information and I will initiate transfer asap.

(Midget G3m) #14

isk and account name sent

(Fensel Xeith) #15

@Midget_G3m 4.2 Billion isk and account information recieved. I will initiate transfer, please standby.

(Fensel Xeith) #16

@Midget_G3m Transfer inititated, this concludes the sale of this character Will be completed after: 6/23/2018 2:52:58 AM

(Midget G3m) #17

email received.

(system) #18

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