[SOLD] WTS 5.3M SP pilot

Location - Jita
No Kill Rights
No jump Close
Positive Wallet
28 skins
3 Bonus Remaps
Born 2007/06/11

I Offer you 3.5 billion for it

sry abit to low

what do you want for him?

4b B/O my offer

not going any lower then 4.5b and B/O is 5.5b and its yours on the spot

Maximum 5b

hummm, aight u have a deal Algnon

send me your info via ingame and the isk and i’ll start the transfer soon :slight_smile:

ISK translate

have you started transferring the character?

yes just done :slight_smile:

Character Name: Minmatar Citizen 1260324337
Will be completed after: 10/9/2020 7:12:01 AM

thx so mush mate <3

thanks you

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