WTS 19m SP 2012 Minmatar Frig Spec - SOLD

Solid character looking for a new home.

Positive wallet
Positve Sec status
No kill rights

16.7m SP plus 2.45m Unallocated
Minimal corp history.
L4 missions from Thukker Mix
Minmatar Frig/Dessie to 5, Assault Ships to 5.
No hauler/Mining Frig skills allow for a properly clean skill sheet.

Currently sitting in a +3 clone with 3% hardwirings
Remap plus two addition are available

Asking 18 billion.

11B office

12b in rust we trust


offer 15b :slight_smile:

Getting closer…

16bill :slight_smile:

17b and we have a deal.
If you agree, send ISK and account info and I can transfer in the next few hours.

can only do 16bill :slight_smile:


Character is still available.

and a bump…

… to the top

one of the final bumps before he goes into hibernation.

Back to the top.

Up we go.

Bid retracted

happy to let him go for 17b.

Would you do 16.5bil?

17B b/o isk is ready.

17b is accepted. Transfer ISK and provide account info and I will transfer in the next few hours.