WTS 5.9 Mil SP Starter - Amarr Frigate/Assault Ship


Greetings, I am for sale. I am a 5.9 mil SP pilot with focus for Amarr frigates. I can fly all laser frigates with T2 fit and have solid support skills. I am the perfect pilot for someone starting out. Easily branch into larger Amarr ships with minimal training.

  • Pilot has positive security status
  • Pilot has positive wallet
  • Pilot will be located in Amarr
  • Pilot has 3 remaps available
  • Pilot will receive ISK
  • All CCP rules apply

Buyout of 5 billion isk.

4.5b ???

Sure, I’ll accept 4.5b if your ready now.

Coming online now…

ISK and Account info received starting transfer

Transfer email received. Thanks much!

Character has been sold!