WTS 9.7mil SP Starter - Clean Corp History


Greetings! I am for sale. I am a 9.7mil SP pilot that would make a great starter. I have a clean corporation history so I haven’t been in any player corporations yet. I have access to level 4 HZO Refinery missions and level 2 with all other Amarr corporations. I can fly an astero, mining barge and amarr frigates and assault frigates. I have t2 light drones, t2 small energy weapons, t2 armor and shields modules as well. I also have astrometrics 5. I am ready to branch out into whatever direction you want!

Buyout of 7 billion takes this character.

= Positive Security Status
= Positive Wallet
= Pilot located in Amarr
= 1 Jumpclone in Amarr(clean)
= No kill rights
= All CCP rules apply

7bil /bo

I accept your buyout of 7 bil ready when you are.

isk and eve mail with account info sent

roger logging in now, just have to grab the onslaught patch eta 5 mins will confirm shortly

ISK and Account info received. Starting transfer now. Thank you!

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