WTS Starter PVE / PVP Character - 9Mil SP With Buyout

Looking to part ways with a starter PVE / PVP alt.

Click here for Skillboard Link

Flys predominately Minmater ships and makes a very capable Rupture pilot - not part of sale, but the fitted Ruptures will be left in a HS system with the Character.

✮ NPC Corp (Please verify in game - the Skillboard is mis-leading)
✮ No Active Killrights
✮ Positive Wallet
✮ Great entry PVP or PVE character
✮ No limitations to enter 1.0 High Sec Systems (-0.4 sec status)
✮ 9 Mil Skill Points
✮ Based in HS upon transfer
✮ Great name (I think) doesn’t contain numbers or dashes etc.)

Buyout is 6 Billion Isk and since this is a paid transfer you can be rest assured of an efficient transfer process. I have experience of selling close to 100 other characters on Bazaar.

Very nice char.

I will offer the 6b B/O.

Does it have remaps available?

Hi there, remap available (I’ve haven’t used them).

Your bid is accepted but I’m offline now sadly. I can complete the transfer tomorrow morning or whenever you’re comfortable to transfer isk. All I need is an evemail with the details of the target account.

ISK and details have been sent.

Awaiting the transfer. :slight_smile:

Hi Herja, I’ve received isk and evemail with your details. I’ll get the transfer underway in the next 20 mins.

Transfer underway and thank you o/

Char received and all is in order. Thanks :slight_smile:

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