Missile/Shield PVE starter character 9,7mil SP


  • 1 remap
  • Currently specced perc/will
  • Good core skills
  • Good core missile skills
  • Good core shield skills
  • 6.05 standing with SOE
  • T2 heavy missiles and T2 cruise.

Got 51 days to a golem.

Character is located in Jita.

I will pay for the transfer.

Leave your bids here, if i get a good offer i will sell the character.

4 bill

5b bid

Nice toon, i can offer 8b.

Thanks for bids, looking for abit more though.

Bump, still looking for offers.

I’ll go 10b

However, I have to go to work in a few hours, so I won’t know what you say until tommorrow evening.

Now I’m back from work and I have tomorrow off. So I’ll be watching.

I’ll go 10.5 if you make it a buyout. That’s more than a bil per mil.

I like that she has solid missile skills and the beginnings of a drone foundation under her feet. But she’s also down to 1 bonus remap, and far away from her yearly one.

I will accept 10,5b, feel free to send me the account name and the isk, and i will start the transfer. If you send it whitin an hour i can start the transfer before i go to work :slight_smile:

Otherwise i will start the transfer this evening.

I am very glad you agreed! She will have a good home.

Isk and account sent!

It looks like I’m probably a bit late coming back, so no hurry on the transfer.

Sounds good, and im still at home :slight_smile:

Started the transfer, enjoy the character!

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