WTS my T2 Torp/Cruise Golem Alt

WTS: nbarloya / T2 Torps & T2 Cruise Missiles Golem Pilot / 25m SP / with 1 missile implant clone in Jita
Pass: 1234
Start at 14b, take it at 16b
Many thanks

14B,Can we start the transfer now?

14.5B if that’s ok

you have to follow the rules by posting with the toon that is for sake.

but seriously its a cool toon. gl.

Sorry about that, your right. Confirming i am for sale.

Kemeul Sarain if you go for 15b its yours, can start transfer now

u on ingame?

i offer 15.5B

VueJs offer of 15.5b is accepted. Kindly sent isk and details. Also please allow me 7 hours to return home from work to begin char transfer. Many thanks.


i am back, ready when you are.

Buyer not responded for 24h, toon still for sale.

Barlo why you selling this toon :wink: abna miss you

Char SOLD. Thank you all. Thread to be Deleted plz.

nope thread doesn’t get deleted. char bazaar threads are not subject to deletion like sales ads.

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