Flexible Starter Toon, 5.7M SP / 2.4M SP Unallocated

Price check please.
Toon was used to create a corporation just to do it. Also an Amarr frigate + light drone pilot.
5.7M SP, 2.4M SP unallocated

  • Positive wallet.
  • No kill rights.
  • In only jump clone.
  • Annual remap available now + 2 bonus remaps.
  • In Jita IV-4.
  • In NPC Corp.

Password: price

Like 2b

Assuming you actually want to fly the pilot, 2.4M SP comes out to 4.8 large skill injectors. At 630M per skill injector, that works out to just over 3B. If you have other plans for a low SP toon, the unallocated SP may not be worth much to you.

Can’t be extracted because of his SP level, only 1 extractor, basically paying for transfer fee. I stand by 2b

Your price check of 2B is noted. Thank you. Given the abundant unallocated SP, this is not the right character to extract.

Excellent starter for someone who wants to fly Amarr and who wants unallocated skill points to do their own thing.

I’ll buy it 2b

2.5b bid

I can give you 3B for it today, as others suggested.
Let me know if you’re interested :slight_smile:

I will consider 3B. Give me a little time to think about it. If that means you retract the bid, then so be it. Also, if we decide to proceed, is Jita or Dodixie a better location for you?

3.5b buy out. Will be able to buy officially Saturday morning 0900 EST

Any location is good for me. If you’re still interested, I’ll give you 3.6B right away.

3.6B works. Send ISK and I will start the transfer as soon as payment is confirmed. I am not really in a rush to sell, so waiting until after the weekend also works for me. Initial post modified to indicate sale ready status of the toon.

Has the isk been sent?

Great, I will be able to log in and send ISK in an hour or so. I will also send you an evemail with all the details.

See you in a bit. :slight_smile:

ISK sent. I also sent you an evemail disclosing the name of the account the character has to be transferred to. I’ll be waiting for your feedback.

ISK received. Character transfer initiated.

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Character received. Thanks.

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