WTS 23.2M sp + 253k unallocated sp Char. FAX/Subcap logi focused

Have 23.2 sp with 253k unallocated sp
minmatar and amarr cruiser V
Logi V
can fly aspostle
positive wallet and sec status
no killrights
npc corpand char located in Emrayur (birth system 3j from amarr)
start bid 18.5b
B/O 22b

Skills link?

Also, check the sticky, else this will be locked by the mods

done . thanks for reminding

B/O reduced

16 bil… reason I say that it is SP is all over the place so I would have to spend 4 billion for injecting and moving it around


18b offered

thank you for you offer



Getting close … keep the bids coming… also buyout reduced


Buyout at 22bil

accepted pls send isk and account info

Payment and account info sent

transfer ticket submitted

Transfer complete, thanks for the business.
Fly safe.

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