WTS 81kk sp focused minmatar, 5 lvl mission runner

Char created 2009.12.05 and have short corp history


Char is great mission runner (with maelstrom or vargur)
Great social skills
High standings to Minmatar Republic 8.85 and to Gallente Federation 8.17 (with skills) and can do 5 lvl missions.
Standing to Amarr empire -5,85 and can’t fly safe in Amarr regions !!!
Can do destribution mission (with prowler or mastodon)
Have good minig and gas harvesting skills (with venture)

Perfect armor, shield, navigation and engineering skills
Perfect planet management skills
Perfect scaning skills (flying with loki)
Loki subsystems all at 5 lvl
Cynosural field theory - 5lvl.
Very good drone skills
Good science, research skills and workin with 6 R&D agents

Ready to teach capital ships and black ops, have injected skills minmatar carrier and drednought
Jump drive operation - 5 lvl
Jump drive calibration - 5 lvl
Jump fuel conservation - 5 lvl
and have some skills for capital ships at 4 lvl

jump clones
Mid-grade crystal set with few 5% implants
set of +5 to attributes with few 5% implants
set of +3 to attributes
Have 2 remaps

positive wallet
no kill rights
sec.status - 5.00

Starting bid - 60 bil
Bid increment - 1 bil
Reserve price - hidden
Buyout - 92 bil

Auction End on 22 of July 17:00 Eve-time with 4 minute sniper

All CCP rules aplly, i will pay transfer’s fee

bit 65 bill

Buyout ends on 22.07.19 or immediately ?

If you take buyout auction ends immediately.

You are online now ?
Buyout - 92 bil

Waiting for isk transfer

Isk is send

Destination account Info is send.

Prepare to transfer

Char is transfering.
good luck in game

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