WTS 35m SP Minmatar pve/pvp subcap pilot

  • Can fly Minmatar ships with some Gallente additions.
  • Good projectile skills and decent drone support.
  • Good Standings with minmatar militia.
  • Full high-grade snake set with projectile implants, Full genolution set on second clone.
  • (-2.4) sec status, only has trouble in 1.0 systems.
  • All Loki subsystems to lvl 5

Skills: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Zahir_Arran

Docked in Rens

24 bil

  1. Nice gunnery :sweat_drops:

26 bil

First 27bil offer gets the char :slight_smile:


Offer accepted :slight_smile:

Id do 27.2b isk ready right now

isk and account name sent

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