WTS 122,6m. SP char, 10mil. SP unallocated!


Created 2004
Have nice portrait and name =)
Have 10 057 000 unallocates SP and ready for amarr titan (you can instantly inject titan skillbook and teach to 5 lvl)

Capital ships - 5 lvl
Amarr dreadnought - 5 lvl
Amarr carrier - 5 lvl
Capital Pulse Laser Specialization SP: 2,031,684 of 2,560,000 (training stopped)
Fighters - 5 lvl
Black Ops and Marauders - 5 lvl

No missile skills !!!

jump clones
mid-grade asklepian set (without omega)
set of +5 to attributes with few +5% research implants

Have 2+1 remaps
90 skins (gifted by CCP)

positive wallet
no kill rights
sec.status - 5.00

Buyout - 105 bil

All CCP rules aplly, i will pay transfer’s fee

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bump :eyes:

bought another

offer 51b

tnx for bids
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52b offer

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Maugly 65B.

to WTB_All_Characters - thx for bid, but price is low for buyout
daily bump :eyes:

62B Offer

dayly bump
19 december last auction day

63bil, final offer.

last auction day

75b buyout

Thx to all for your bids.
Highest price is 75 bil, but its too low price for that char.
Char not selling and auction is retracted…