WTS 56M SP normal ship PVP char

1 :AG Frigate 5; assault frigate 5; intercepter lvl 4;covert ops lvl4;electronic attack ship lvl4;logistics lvl 4.
2 :can fly Sabre;
3 :A/G/M cruiser lvl 5.
4 :Recon ship lvl 5;logistic cruiser lvl 5;heavy assault cruiser lvl 4;
5 :can fly LOKI well.(only 2 skills lvl 4)
6:M battle cruiser lvl 5 and other 3 lvl 4 ; Claymore and Sleipnir lvl 5. M gun lvl 5
7 :A/C battle ship lvl 5 ; G/M battle ship lvl 4
8: skill about guns is perfect ,also great in missile
9 :no killrights ;positive wallet.In NPC corp.located in Jita



30 Bil

you must be kidding me haha

Sorry, I am a newbie. I have recommended some roles on the market to me. I don’t understand very well.

45bil All my property

thank you for biddng! but i think it worth at least 60B

Hope it can find a good owner

sor wrong typing , if you offer 50B it is yours

I really don’t have that much Bil, although I like it more.

I am going to sell some PLEX, are you still? Brother

yeap still for sale

I am a Chinese, forgive me for my bad English. 50Bil


chinese too. price accepted and wait for your account info and isk

It has been sent to you

ISK received and account info confirmed! i will reply again when transfer begins

transfer applying has been sent to ccp .wait for CCP transfer the char.

transfer initiated