SOLD 152M SP 2006 PVP

Buyout: 150B
Starting Bid: 130B

  • Positive Balance
  • No Kill Rights
  • Jump Clones available and are in HS
  • Character is in HS (Jita)
  • Remap available

I will pay CCP transfer fee.

Skills of note:

Armor: All at 5/5 except:
Capital Remote Armor Repair Systems 4

Drones: ALL 5/5

Engineering: ALL 5/5

Shields: ALL 5/5

Spaceship Command:

Advanced Spaceship Command 5
Amarr Battlecruiser 5
Amarr Battleship 5
Amarr Carrier 5
Amarr Cruiser 5
Amarr Destroyer 5
Amarr Dreadnought 5
Amarr Frigate 5
Amarr Strategic Cruiser 4
Assault Frigates 4
Black Ops 4
Caldari Battlecruiser 5
Caldari Battleship 5
Caldari Carrier 5
Caldari Cruiser 5
Caldari Dreadnought 4
Caldari Frigate 5
Caldari Industrial 5
Caldari Strategic Cruiser 4
Capital Ships 5
Command Ships 4
Covert Ops 4
Electronic Attack Ships 4
Gallente Battlecruiser 5
Gallente Cruiser 5
Gallente Frigate 4
Heavy Assault Cruisers 4
Interceptors 4
Logistics Cruisers 5
Marauders 5
Mining Barge 4
Minmatar Battlecruiser 5
Minmatar Battleship 5

100b ready

Thanks for the offer, its a little low.

Still up for grabs.

90b offer for 1h

Thanks but you’re going in the wrong direction lol.

Ill take good care of it i promose other people just extract im nice person i been saving up for 2 years mining in my retriver its my dream char

lmao at this sob story

Yeah, I appreciate the interest, but will need more if I’m going to let him go.

Still for Sale -


How about let me Rent for one Year at 60 Billion? Just incase you want it back, I am a new player. But I can see the Value… I am on Day 5… If I decide not to play, Ill just return it. Let me know what you think? Thanks

I think your account would give me a better abilitiy to learn the game, And I would keep skilling the account… Think of it as an Investment?

Thanks for the offer htao Beverlry, will need more if I’m going to let him go.

I was born on a Tuesday, but not last Tuesday - lol


Thanks for the offer - looking for something more in the range of 130B - 150B

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Daily Bump

Daily Bump - still up for sale.

Still up for grabs.