[SOLD] WTS 116m SP - Horrible name, awesome skills (116 @ LVL V)

Selling this character. 2007 birthday, 116m SP devoted to PvP (minus a bit to fly an orca).


Positive wallet
Positive security 2.9
No killrights
Located in Amarr
Good killboard efficiency
2 remaps available

Jump Clones:

Full +5 set (currently sitting in this clone in Amarr)
Full Mid-Grade Slave set located in Sarum-Prime (beside Amarr)
+4 Set (minus Charisma) located in Nakugard
1 clean (no implants) jump clone located in Amarr

Eveboard speaks for itself. There’s too many Lvl V’s to type out here, but here’s a few to pique your curiosity.

Amarr Carrier
Amarr Battlecruiser
Caldari Battlecruiser
Minmatar Battlecruiser
Command Ships
Heavy Interdiction Cruisers
Logistics Cruisers
Recon Ships

Long corp history, from nullsec to wormholes, goons to lazerhawks. I’ve always left on good terms (usually when inactive), I’ve never burnt any bridges.

100bil buyout.

I’ll go 100 bil. Will send upon confirmation of acceptance.

102 :slight_smile:

done deal, convo and start wheels moving

Sorry, bad post.

Accepting Maizie Fields offer of 100b

ISK recieved, going to transfer character.

Confirmation of transfer received. Thanks, T!

Confirmed sale, thanks Maizie, I hope you enjoy the character as much as I did!

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