Selling myself ,(AGAIN) . Prior sale fell thru. 155 mil sp char born in 2006, good spread of skills in pvp and industry/mining. lvl 5 logi pilot as well. https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kendex Just moved to npc corp and will stay there till sold. I will leave 10 mil isk in wallet on transfer. there will be no assets in any hangers. On transfer , pilot will be in amarr . No kill rights . I will pay to raise sec status to + 0.1 at least, before actual sale … Char has a lot of skiins. When I figure out how to copy and paste a list here I will do so. Must offer at least 145 billion isk or more . Char has 208 installed skins . Send ingame mail if i dont respond in a few hrs of post

Char sold , transfer initiated

Offer no longer valid

135 Billion ISK right here. Best offer so far. 48 hour offer.

Sorry for not replying in time, just got back from a tripp and forgot I had this char for sale . Offer was a good one and would have been accepted. But thanks anyway, srry I missed it ,


Me? Offer is still valid from me. ISK is ready to go.

ISK sent now. Can you confirm and begin trade?

Titan , im sorry but just after I messaged you I sold char for 132 bil, still in the process of closing sale so havent posted it as sold , but should be done in a few min. I had a reply from you after your initial offer a day later that offer was no longer valid. ( and again it was my fault because i was out) , but I assumed you were no longer interested . I am returning your isk as of now,


Alright, thank you for your time. Have a great day! ISK received back.

Still up…

Really? I can have ISK for you within 24 hours. 135 Billion ISK right here

was informed by several player friends that with the skillpoints this char has , I shouldnt accept any offer below 145 bil, but again thanks for your reoffer, not in any hurry , I can wait for the right offer


I’ll offer 140 bil.

make it 145 and you got a damn good deal

145 bil

Sold … let me pay sec status up to 0.0 , send isk and where to transfer , then will do char transfer. I will be ready by 03:00 tonight if you have sent isk and details.


ISK and account info sent via in-game mail. Please let me know when the transfer has begun.

Char transfer initiated . Says there is a 10 hr delay , or about that anyway. Please mail me ingame if it goes thru ok ( Maywren ) Ill hold isk until it does

Thanks for sale


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