WTS ~2M SP toon + ~1m injectable sp

looking to sale my t3d toon. flies confessor with t2 guns. 2012 toon.


toon has 1.9m sp and has 912,049 sp that can be injected

positive waller
no kill rights
NPC corp
located in Jita

great toon already with some spare sp to inject in the direction you like

B/O 4b

Sorry, is cheaper inject a new brand pilot than purchase to you. Better, use a month of subscription is more cheaper in this case.

I answer to your thread for say you are not telling the data needed :slight_smile:

  • killrights
  • localization in space
  • positive wallet
  • clones
  • and are in a NPC corporation.

I seriously suggest you biomass him and put a month of training instead in a new brand character.

good thing i am selling a pilot not asking you for advice. cheers m8. i will add the requested data though.

i doubt anyone offer 2b for your toon (some cases in auto sales in the past anyway) thread muted.

Good luck with your sale,

1.2b - lemme no

my offer expires in a hour

ill offer you 800million for it

900 mill

damiit, outbidded :frowning:

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