WTS Amazing 83 ml sp toon


My boy, Smoke, is for sale. I am attaching eveskillboarad sheet so you can check him.


Gunnery, Missiles, Shields and Spaceship Command in V

Smoke is currently in high sec, in npc corp, wallet is positive, sec.status 2.36, no kill rights, remap available, 3 jump clones

Starting bid: 60 bil


nice toon. I do 70 bil b/o

bid accepted

I will send you account info and isk now

isk and info sent.

Would cost you 200b to inject this toon, or 83 months with +3 implants to get this much sp, why you people let this stuff go for so cheap is beyond me. You can never replace this character for 70b in fact you won’t even get 30m sp for 70b if you inject. Pretty moronic.

Still no transfer and no response. I am filling a support ticket.

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