WTA my alt 30m SP toon

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Character is located at Jita IV-4
Implants standard set ( +4 )
1 Jump Clone with implants basic
No kill right, positive wallet, 2x neural remaps availaible,
399K unallocated SP
Npc corp
Character in Alpha account.

Offering 16 B, ISK Ready.

Thank you for your offer, although i was expecting a little more than this. buy out price would be around 25b.

17 b.

17.5 B

18 B.

18.5 B

21 bil

Seriously, you think you can jack up the prices here too? Woah, just wow. Your saltiness knows no bounds.
I’m staying at 18.5 B

I don’t know what’s going on between you too. Best offer so far is 21b to me

That’s a fake offer stemming from salt in other threads that you can see by accessing my or his profile. You are free to consider his bid but don’t think it’s valid from the person who bid that. He would never pay you or I may be wrong and he may pay you out of sheer salt filling his eyes to get one over me.
Also, if you’re the owner of this character who’s being sold, let’s get on with 18.5 B because I don’t know how long I would hold this offer.

Please let us know if your offer is a serious bid. In this case the offer will be 21b otherwise the bid will return to the best serious bid 18.5b

Can we move on? I’m ready with ISK.
Or else do you have a timer in mind that I should wait for or would this sale extend for days? Please be specific.

Auction will end after 7 days =>23/02 Best offer gets the toon

Alright, thanks for the info.

yes dont listen to cry baby like Riperd Jacksh

Can you please confirm your bid for this auction ? Otherwise the current bid will stay at 18.5B
Thanks for keeping this thread clean.

19b… legit offer O.o

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