[WTB] 5-6m SP Toons x2

Looking to buy two toons, offering 700 to 900 isk per skill point.

Therefore 5 Million Skillpoints x 900 Isk = 4,500,000,000 isk (Maximum offer will be 6,000,000,000)

Minimum Needs:

  • 5m SP
  • Remap available
  • Cybernetics V


  • Standings
  • COV OPS abilities

Not Needed:

  • Anything over 7m SP

Please either PM me in game or leave a message here with a skillboard link and what isk you are looking to get for it. ISK is ready and available now so quick sales would be good.

Check out my post

Selling this guy if you’re interested.


positve wallet no killrights located in Jita.

What are you looing for?

5.0 bil

ill do 4.5 isk available now

agreed, send isk and account details. I pay transfer fee all ccp rules apply.

Sending isk and account name

isk and account name sent.

Confirmed received. Transfer initiated. You should receive an email

Email received.

looking for one more toon

BUMP: Still looking for one more toon.

Looking for one more toon.

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