[WTB] 5-6m SP Toons x2

(Midget G3m) #1

Looking to buy two toons, offering 700 to 900 isk per skill point.

Therefore 5 Million Skillpoints x 900 Isk = 4,500,000,000 isk (Maximum offer will be 6,000,000,000)

Minimum Needs:

  • 5m SP
  • Remap available
  • Cybernetics V


  • Standings
  • COV OPS abilities

Not Needed:

  • Anything over 7m SP

Please either PM me in game or leave a message here with a skillboard link and what isk you are looking to get for it. ISK is ready and available now so quick sales would be good.

(Jathlor) #2

Check out my post

(Captain Pierce) #3

Selling this guy if you’re interested.


positve wallet no killrights located in Jita.

(Midget G3m) #4

What are you looing for?

(Captain Pierce) #5

5.0 bil

(Midget G3m) #6

ill do 4.5 isk available now

(Captain Pierce) #7

agreed, send isk and account details. I pay transfer fee all ccp rules apply.

(Midget G3m) #8

Sending isk and account name

(Midget G3m) #9

isk and account name sent.

(Captain Pierce) #10

Confirmed received. Transfer initiated. You should receive an email

(Midget G3m) #11

Email received.

(Midget G3m) #12

looking for one more toon

(Midget G3m) #13

BUMP: Still looking for one more toon.

(Midget G3m) #14

Looking for one more toon.

(Skyeruo Adnihilo) #15

(system) #16

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