WTB Skill Farmer Toon

  • Skill Point 5M Up
  • Cybernetics 5
  • +5 imp set
  • Annual remap available immediately

B/O 5B
Need 13 Toon


I have this character for sale.

In Jita. All +5 except the social one. 250,000 unused skillpoints. Currently just over 5m learned skillpoints.


Confirmed. I am for sale.

5Bil Ok?

nvm ';

5b is fine.


Will begin transfer on receipt of the funds.

nvm ;;

I sent it to you, so check it out.

I sent all to Hoff Harasselhoff.

Confirmed funds received. Will initiate transfer.

It hasn’t been transfer yet. Please check.

Received thx :slight_smile:

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